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Clayton Ladd Donation Drive with Gift Basket Raffle!

In partnership with Helping Hands of Gulf Shores! The donation drive is for 10 year-old Clayton Ladd. He was diagnosed with Soto's Syndrome, kidney disease, autism, and severe scoliosis before he was six months old. He was diagnosed with cancer when he was three years old. He is a Neuroblastoma patient and survivor.

Clayton was diagnosed with stage four high-risk Neuroblastoma at age 3. At birth, it was found that his left kidney never properly developed and was non functioning. His right kidney suffered with another obstruction and only functioned at 1/3 capacity. So at 10 days old they did a surgery to correct the obstruction. His recovery went horribly wrong and he spent two months in the NICUS at UAB and USACW. After six months, Clayton began to develop severe scoliosis, and could only receive treatment for that after a few years.

Clayton’s Treatment’s Today:
Clayton has continued maintenance treatment for cancer, routine kidney procedures for blockages, and because his scoliosis/kyphosis creates a second curve after his first halo traction and surgery, he had to do a second one this year.